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Design of the restaurant

The interior of the restaurant directly affects the success of the restaurant. We are ready to work for you and to create a cozy and unusual atmosphere in your restaurant, cafe or bar, which will harmoniously blend new trends of design and modern technologies.

We are always ready to help you in working on such tasks as:

  • measurements of premises, execution of measurement drawings with specification on the fact of dimensions and areas of premises; inspection of the state of engineering networks.
  • preparation of a preliminary task for technological processes (defining the cycles of a restaurant or a cafe – full cycle / preparation, distribution of hot and cold processes, tracing of “clean” and “dirty” flows, checking for lack of intersections, definition of “wet” zones, etc.).
  • development of functional zoning schemes with allocation of technological zones and landing zones, implementation of layouts with arrangement of furniture and equipment.
  • development of the concept of interior design (implementation of photorealistic 3D visualizations).
  • realization of the complete package of drawings «restaurant design project» (architectural drawings) for the successful conduct of further construction works.
  • development of a complete package of working drawings of all engineering sections (ventilation and air conditioning, electricians, water supply and sewerage, low-voltage systems, etc.) for further competent installation, without which a restaurant can’t function properly.
  • author’s supervision of the construction progress (you can be sure that the design project of the restaurant will be successfully implemented).

Realization and completion of the «key ready» project

For our customers we offer a complete «key ready» project implementation. The structure of our group of companies includes: a construction company, a company for the import of floor coverings, a company for the supply and production of lighting equipment, a company for the production and installation of aluminum and all-glass structures, and also a factory for the manufacture of office, residential furniture and commercial equipment.

Design cost up 35 $/м2

* The cost can be virified depending on the specificity and area of the selected premises, as well as on the scope of the project documentation package. Call us and we will offer you a special price, according to the task.


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