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Modern offices are full of all kinds of equipment. Computers, fax machines, printers, copiers and other equipment necessary to employees for productive activities. Therefore, when performing repairs or design in this room need to know the features of the ergonomic arrangement of furniture in the office, as well as room lighting system.

Even with the restoration of the facade of the building or change its roofing effective location of jobs to help employees improve their productivity. The workplace should be well lit from the side, the ideal option would be setting the table perpendicular to the window so that the light fell on the left of the employee. However, the employee must be at a sufficient distance from it, that the person not be tempted to stare at the beauty of nature during working hours. Also, when planning the design of the office, you should avoid direct sunlight on the monitor screens of office employees, or see the computer displayed information will not be possible. The best option would be office location in the room, whose windows are located to the north or north-east, one must have blinds or heavy curtains that can, if necessary, to protect employees from the sun.

When ordering a design office in Kiev, it is important to the creation of the combined illumination of the working area, on the tables of office employees can be present table lamp, ideal for this case are fluorescent lights, no adverse effects on the eye. It is important that during the working day and the level direction of the light in the room did not change, the observance of this principle will relieve employees from overwork and excessive fatigue. Equally important is the color palette of the office, as well as providing the level of lighting, a direct impact on mood and performance of employees.

The color scheme of the room has to adjust the company’s employees to the desired way, according to their functions. So, all shades of yellow contribute to an atmosphere of peace and quiet, the staff, staying all day in a room decorated in this style will feel relaxed and unruffled. While serving, working in a room with red or purple interior, will be able to overstimulation. The efficiency of such an employee is significantly reduced, there is increased pressure, increased heart rate and breathing. Increase the level of employee self-help green and blue shades. by following the principles outlined above, it is possible to effectively plan the workflow of office employees.

Also, various color schemes help to address the shortcomings of the working premises plan. Visually expand the office to help it design lighter colors, cool blue and green hues enhance the space, warm, on the contrary, make it smaller, but cozier. Low ceilings will appear visually above in the presence of vertical stripes on the walls, horizontal version of the color even more dropped it. Usually people aged prefer soft and calm tones, and rushing into battle young leaders draw up their offices bright and even extravagant.

But, nevertheless, taking a decision on carrying out of repair of office, it is important to take into account the views of the staff who will work in a renovated room, because people — it is the main value of any company.