Planning decisions for offices

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Planning solution for offices this is the first stage of creation of the design project. This stage is fundamental, as is the right plan depends on the quality performance of the facility in the future. The organization of the office premises requires a careful approach, because the correct space zoning depends on the productivity and comfort of employees.

There are several ways to plan office: a Cabinet-type and combined. In the case of armchair, the designer creates classic scheme that is more suitable for small companies. This approach creates the office of privacy, as there is divided into departments, but in this case the collective work is not provided.

Now popular combined offices. In this approach, planning solutions create to accommodate the placement of individual rooms and zones that are intended for use by all employees. This design solution allows to balance the need for collective discussions, and the need for isolation of working areas.

Planning solution for office needed for ergonomic zoning of limited space, taking into account the wishes of the client. Proper planning allows efficient use of space and to configure communication between departments.

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Planning decisions for offices