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First ochered- this project documentation in the kit, which contains such items:
— Sketches relevant premises;
— Drawings for this work;
— Statement finishes.

Sketches of premises — a picture that gives builders the visibility of the idea in three dimensions.
Only need to print on photo paper, two views on each room. This is very useful and necessary thing, as some builders did not accurately represent the design, and see, and therefore can not always read the working drawings. A large amount of time spent on creating thumbnails. You will also need financial resources.
Order interior design project
Working drawings — it is better not to draw them by hand. There are many special programs. Without drawings, it will be impossible to calculate the volume of purchasing materials. Drawings — is the cornerstone of the design project. They contain everything from millimeters placement of fixtures and finishing the size of the vertical sections of the ceiling. They are created with the help of special programs, such as Autocad. The paper should contain the dimensions, symbols, explanatory information. If the project is very complex and important, respectively, will be a lot of complex structures, furniture, cabinets. By the architect will be very demanding.

Statement of finishing the interior — a document that operate in Exel program, it contains information about the number of procurement of materials, each room and separate groups of surfaces. The meaning of the document lies in the fact that the customer and the builders have to show what materials to buy and how much they should be.

Why to book design project?

It’s beautiful, it allows to combine different things together.

This is useful, all the furniture, appliances, will be forged by your body and needs. There will be problems, such as: «stumble on a bedside table or a chair.»

The interior of the apartment — it’s your interests and your personality. The customer will think over everything with the architect, the location of the outlets, windows and so on. Together with a professional, you can create a great atmosphere and is close to you. This will help you find inner attitude.

The most important purpose to order interior design project is the final result, it must be a harmonious interior, all the investments that have been used for the construction must be spent without loss and with great dedication.

Creative imagination, and get the architect to realize all your dreams into reality.