Order design of office interiors in the Provence style

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Perhaps nothing is more pleasing to the eye as well-furnished house. It must be properly and tastefully decorated, the carrier for its inhabitants joy and a sense of comfort. Now almost everyone before the scheduled repair is studying interior design magazines, watch TV on the above topic, because of this depends largely on the end result.

In recent years, widespread Provencal style, it is called Provence. Homeland Provence is considered the south of France, where olive trees, blooming lavender and grapes are grown. These cultures were the basis for the emergence of a similar style in the interior. Hence the commitment to the warm southern hues.

Provencal style is ideal for people with an active lifestyle. It soothes and brings peace of mind at home after a hard day’s work. Therefore provence recommended for workaholics, businesswomen, athletes. This is one of the most favorite destinations in the ethnic positivism, which is valued manifestation paints summer heat and creating an atmosphere for the fullness of life.

Lighting in a Provencal style

Since Provence is the first of all, warm colors, it is necessary to pay attention to the lighting. The office, which can be ordered under the interior design should be light. It is important for the combination of lighting and shades, which will form the southern style. Consequently, the size of the office is not basic. When the office is filled with sunlight, selected shades «sparkle» and give it vitality. The traditional pattern of Provence is considered the vine, olive leaves, the southern ethnic motives. Good combination of bright colors and the cage with the bar. When it comes to the kitchen, put the work surface, you can use tile. Again, it is worth to choose the right combination of shades of tiles, since monotony is a departure from the style of Provence.

The base color for the Provencal style are yellow, blue and orange, they can do accents on white and terracotta, green. Textured material emphasizes its ethnic component. Most often used in Provence square and diamond-shaped square as a basic shape. If you like the finished wood ceiling, then you recreate the entire stylist this style.