Office of the future in Dubai

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Fantastic stories of popular architecture popular that sooner or later they can be implemented. Technology of production of construction materials are developing every year more and faster. More recently, the space available alloys are now widely used in furniture manufacturing. The technical progress of construction machinery allows the building of complex structures in a short time.

One of the last examples of a building printed 3D printer in Dubai. This is the office of the future.
office of the future with a 3D printer in Dubai photo facade

But remarkable in an office building not its smooth forms and even the method of constructing outer structures. The most advanced automation technology was installed in office space for full control of the microclimate.
light control in the office of the future

Using managed LED panels can freely change the lighting of the offices, and they are easily adapted to different requirements.
the design of the furniture in the office of the future

futuristic furniture and interior in the office

The main feature of innovation moving forward. This is our policy! We develop office space design any style.