Office design in loft style

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History of interior style, loft, began in the forties – in the industrial districts of new York, architects and businessmen have placed their offices and studios in the production departments for savings. At the beginning of the empty factories was interested in the people of creative professions who were attracted by high ceilings, brick walls and plenty of space. Already by the fifties of the loft was at the height of fashion in industrial premises were conducted creative meetings, open galleries and studios.

IN the twenty-first century, the loft, or as it is called «industrial» design, has become one of the most popular styles. Unlike the Main offices in this style – open floor plan with lots of light and combining old and new materials. Brickwork great to be combined with elements of glass, metal and chrome.

When design project of an office in the loft should not soften the rough walls and floor. For this purpose, expensive furniture made of natural wood, stylish decor and modern equipment.

The waiting Area and reception area need special attention. Under hall, it is preferable to leave a large area for more space. Concrete floor, whitewashed walls, masonry places will go perfectly with bright soft furnishings for the waiting area. Reception is best made of glass or granite.

Director’s Office should be spacious, with plenty of light. When decorating, use materials such as glass, crystal, precious wood. Don’t forget about the fact that such a study should look solid, so everything must be chosen carefully and tastefully.

The regeneration of the open space should abandon the partitions, it will promote active collaboration among colleagues. When making use posters on the walls, or make your own graffiti the corporate spirit.

Office in the loft and will become a favorite place for Your staff that would be happy to come to work. the design Studio will gladly do the design of the project office in the loft, which will be exclusive and most meet your specifications.