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Entrance is no longer just a front door to the building, and a number of component parts for everything, which includes: the formulation of the surrounding walls, canopies, door trims. Cornices, canopies, they serve as protection from the rain, or snow. Tambour need for thermal insulation. Elements of the lighting system, advertising — information boards for orientation. 

Stairs and railings for safety and convenience. Entrance perform an advertising function. If the store or restaurant wants to demonstrate its prestige, the entrance is a must.
Entrance «as a commodity packaging» should interest the buyer and fulfill its functional purpose. After all, the first impression is often the overall impression of the design of the room. Entrance to present your brand allows consumers more broadly and in detail.

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We offer comprehensive services in the design of the input groups. To do this, we take into account the architectural features of the building and the wishes of the client, and then we provide design sketch several options for approval.
dozens of projects have been developed over the years:

— Projects of input groups in the non-residential premises on the first floor of the building;

— Projects of input groups in the non-residential premises in the basement / ground floor

— Projects MOSFET (common areas) and entrances to apartment buildings typical series;

— Projects Entrances country houses, cottages;

— Projects Entrances of public buildings.

Our designers are experts in their field, so we can say with confidence that our work you will be satisfied by getting exactly what the greatest degree will meet your requirements, as well as to reflect the desired architectural style of the building.

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