The use of fabric to create the interior design of the room in Kiev

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The use of different fabrics makes room in the space of the house more beautiful, warm and cozy in these rooms comfortable stay. It is well known that always hung on the window curtains. How else to use fabric in the interior? You can issue the cloth ceiling and make it so that the center of attention. The fabric can close the entire ceiling or ceiling fragment. An interesting effect is obtained when the tissue to lower the ceiling on the wall, and thus «grease» the border between the wall and the ceiling.

In the children’s room with the help of the reception you can get a very unusual composition. For young resident using appliqué fabric can draw a fairy-tale world — the starry sky wish him sweet dreams, and rainbow Solar joyfully greeted the morning.
If you completely cover the ceiling cloth, it turns out that something similar to the eastern tent. The interior design of the room in Kiev, with a romantic, slightly illuminated ceiling is perfect for spa treatments and will always help you relax, relieve stress.

Acceptable use tissue on the walls, but only partially. By the way, using fabric draping you will not only diversify design of walls, but you can close the various shortcomings — uneven surfaces, pipes, valves. Full coverage of the walls can be only in certain areas, for example, in the billiard room, but in this room need special furniture, a special cloth on the table and so on. D.

If the window in your room is small, you can push the space by hanging curtains on the width of the wall. It visually increase the size of the window and create the illusion of a large aperture. You can offer to experiment with angles. Attach to the ceiling corner curved eaves and hang them on the cloth. The angles will disappear from your room, and the space will become more complex and more interesting.

Traditional flooring — this carpet. But it is possible to cover the floor and cloth. It takes a special fabric — durable, easy to maintain, easy to clean. Between the floor and the cloth can be put padding polyester, and then walking the floor under your feet is slightly prominaetsya and springs.