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Creating a design office, should pay more attention to this area as a waiting room. This question is to trust the professional designers who will easily be able to provide the best option. Reception is the first impression about the company, which will attract visitors. When making a reception in the office, first of all, you should pay attention to such factors as comfort for the visitor.

In case the activity of the company involves a large flow of visitors, it is necessary to provide more space for comfortable waiting.

Choosing a style for the reception, plan design office Executive style using the original colors. Also important is the location and the amount of light in the waiting room. Above counter install ambient lighting, directional lights use as decorative elements and illumination of the walls in the waiting area.

Designing the reception area the design of the office design, pay great attention to front-Desk. It must be ergonomic, comfortable and stylish. Reception is best done under the order. Thus, You can create a stylish and functional workspace that can be executed in accordance with the corporate style.

Develop a unique design project office, in the original solution and design reception office – all this will help the specialists of the company “design-partner”.