Design of the project office

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In shaping the image of company very important point is the qualitative design of the project office. The project should be created on the basis of the specifics of the company, in accordance with the corporate style. For example, the design of the project office of the Bank should show the client the stability and financial success. The design of the project office created in several stages and consists of preliminary and working projects.

First step is the sketch, which is approved by the client. It needs to be worked out such items as the overall design, the basic idea of feeding corporate-style. After client approval of preliminary design, prepared the working draft. This stage is more labor intensive, as it includes metering facilities, layout of partitions, equipment and furnishings.

There are several key essential elements, which make up the design of the project office. One of them is the General color scheme of the space. A very important point, because the color creates an emotional state of the employees, which directly affects productivity. The best option is to stop at neutral and warm colors, thanks to which the emotional background is stable.

Following paragraph should consider the layout of the room. Large companies often divide the office space into one large room (open space), and offices for guidance and negotiation. Small companies use the method delineated space – split office into separate offices.

Creating design office also should pay attention to lighting and quality of the materials used. Claiming working model, it is recommended to specify all details which may be important in the implementation of the project.

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