Design of the project office for the company «Ciklum»

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Architectural design Studio designed design office for Ciklum. Danish Ciklum company was founded in 2002 and works in the field of software development. Our professional designers have created unique design of the project office. The whole process took place in several stages. In the first phase of architectural planning, our experts inspected the room.

measurements were performed of office space, and rough sketches. The next stage was rigorous development of each area of shared space that included the placement of communications. At the last stage of creating the project design office, the designer has made a three-dimensional computer image.

Design office don’t let the stylish and ergonomically organize work areas for employees. Was properly placed color accents and office furniture that highlighted the corporate style of the company.

Interior design and office also helped to Express in the office space of the corporate style which will definitely impress the visitors. For employees, everything was designed in such a way that their work was more productive and more comfortable.

Our experts create a modern office concept, in which the bright interior perfectly reflected the image of the active and leading companies.