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It is now gaining popularity turning a Studio apartment into a Studio apartment. For functional use of limited space, it is best to use the services of a designer. The apartment interior design Studio requires the right planning. Often zoned premises for a living room, kitchen and recreation area. The basic rule in the design of the interior – a space that does not clutter up furniture.

Interior of the Studio should be comfortable and easy.

There are several fundamental features that are used in the design of the apartment interior design Studio. For example, in the layout of the interior partitions do not exist, and living area connected to the kitchen.

Living room is one of the important zones in the interior design of the apartment. This space should be as comfortable and easy, it is not necessary to put big and bulky furniture. The best choice is furniture-transformer, which allows an ergonomic use of available space. When choosing colors best to focus on neutral colours and use bright colors for accent.

Second largest square in the interior design of the apartment is the kitchen. This area should be as functional, ergonomic and comfortable. Furniture choose from a variety of cabinets and niches. Also should pay attention to working area – it should be comfortable and well thought out.

Apartment interior Design in the Studio it is best to order from professionals. Architectural Studio “design-partner” and easily create the interior of the apartment of Your dreams!