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Apartment is a place where people can relax, feel safe and spend time with family and loved ones. The quality of rest, a cosiness and comfort of a home depend directly on the interior. Today, the design Studio offers a wide range of services in this area and develop interesting interiors in accordance with the wishes and requirements of customers.

Working on creating a unique, comfortable and convenient premises, any designer takes into account not only the wishes of the client, assesses the ability of a particular apartment, but builds on the modern fashion trends. 2014 is held under the sign of the horse, so this year we can safely fill the house with plants and other greens. This style No matter where live plants or flowers would not be appropriate. Looking at the photos of apartment interiors, you can see that using different combinations, you can dramatically change the room. This can be a variation with a single large plants or a beautiful arrangement of small potted plants.

Natural materials are not only durable and environmentally friendly, and bring to the apartment a special spirit. Natural wood of any breeds, colours, textures – all very beautiful and popular. the Modern interior design can not be created by using raw wood, which is also considered a recognized leader in 2014.

Today, designers make extensive use of blue and green saturated colors which make bright accents in the room. To this end, the apartment is filled with furniture, kitchenware, textiles, blue or green colors.
the Beautiful interior design can not do without mirrors. First of all, your mirrors performs a vital function in a house as they allow you to see its reflection and allow the appearance in order. But also thanks to the proper use of mirrors can visually expand the apartment to make it more bright and airy.

by Entering in search box of your browser the words «interior design photo gallery» you can find the most unexpected and very interesting solutions. All this has been achieved through expert use of modern materials, harmonious arrangement of several different items and excellent taste of the designer. Trusting his apartment, the designer will not be superfluous to see what the interior photos it can offer as an example of their work. This will avoid disappointment in the end, based on the provided sample, you can judge the capabilities and abilities of the designer.

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