Stained glass in interior design

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Stained Glass — one of the most beautiful elements of the arrangement of public and residential buildings, able to create a unique and exquisite interiors.
Production of stained glass people became engaged in many centuries ago. The first of them were made to the 500’s AD.
At that time, they are mainly created for the decoration of cathedrals, palaces and temples.

After all, while the stained-glass windows were very expensive and were only available to the elite. Now they can afford almost any living in abundance good, man. Дизайн интерьеров

Today, stained glass is used not only in the architecture for the decoration of windows, but also in the design of walls, ceilings and interior partitions. The perfect complement to any interior lighting will be stained glass, such as floor lamps, lamps or chandeliers.

It is interesting and totally unconventional interior design look stained glass ceiling. With well-set light — it will be a real boon for the hosts. They are profitable and brilliant look, making the room very special. It is also known that the material stained durable and practical.

An interesting solution may become stained glass decoration, such as niches. Even in the simplest interior of such a focus would be a great addition, giving the atmosphere of originality of the room. As with the ceiling, it is very important to consider lighting.

The modern market also offers partitions and doors with stained glass mainly for classical interiors. These elements are perfectly fit and in a different style, but the main thing is not afraid to experiment.

High quality stained glass will help you dramatically transform your interior, make it more colorful and original.

In our time, for the creation and production of stained glass using various technologies, such as Tiffany, fusing, contour and film technology. However, the manual technique of painting on glass is still highly valued and popular in this age of high technology.

Beautiful stained glass and high quality will make your interior design interesting and memorable.