Interior design in the style of «Minimalism»

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Style minimalist interior style for the radicals. The most famous designer working in this style, the Englishman John Poisson. Minimalism is one of the most fashionable and modern styles in the interior, the competition make him a high-tech and loft. Interior design modern minimalism style can be described as the creation of space and light using only the necessary items and forms.

This style is based on one ideal form or the color and quality is demonstrated. The interior design in this style must be perfect: the stone is perfectly polished, the wood is wonderfully crafted, concise form. Must be solid walls, wooden floors, minimal furniture.

the Minimalist interior involves closed cabinets, podiums, boxes for storing things. Spaces decorated in this style, strict and straightforward, can be decorated and durable natural materials (wood, leather). In the interior are never used drawings, patterns; a preference for black, white, cream, grey and pastel tones.

Main different from other styles is the soft, diffused light, the feeling of space, low internal partitions, a large number and size of Windows.

Now interior design will be in the style of minimalism it is a simple design and only the necessary interior decoration items and furniture. Important in the creation of the interior of the free space, the presence of a large amount of light and clean air. The scope and breadth of this style is achieved by getting rid of non-bearing walls and partitions.

Order interior design office will be in the style of minimalism is not difficult. Architectural design Studio will create for You a professional and stylish design.