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Interior design shop selling lingerie must meet certain requirements. Potential clients are female buyers, who want to look great. For them, the comfort, beauty, elegance.

All the ladies, regardless of age and financial situation, want to feel attractive. 

They therefore pay great attention to detail, including design of the store request that they visit, the sale of such an important commodity for them.
It is very important for the interior of the store is a fitting equipment. The clients need to feel there the most comfortable and confident. These facilities operate so that the woman was sure of complete isolation from the looks from the outside and during the fitting was not a bit embarrassed. Think about the number of booths to try on, there should be no queues. Analyze the number of visits and of the results to draw conclusions about the flow of customers and can be better and cheaper to order a shop design professionals.

Do not forget about proper lighting. Soft, enveloping light creates the necessary atmosphere for the store — a cozy, relaxing, just so that the client felt liberated.

Separately stop for display lighting. Special lamps give favorable view of product, such that no woman can resist, not going, not touching, without considering the range that will certainly increase your profits.

It is also important colors for the room for such a store. Do not use a calm tone! Bold strokes to help women overcome the embarrassment, push it to the purchase.

The interior should be approached price for the goods that he sells. If the store interior design looks expensive, and the products it should be appropriate. On the contrary, dear shop interior design will cause confusion, discomfort to customers if the product is not high-quality, low-cost consumer goods.

Commercial equipment for the implementation of underwear to be a graceful, made in bright, warm colors. Do not forget that an integral part of the equipment for this kind of trade are mannequins. They put samples of products, so be sure to leave enough space between the shelves and display cases. Open windows are required for this business. Before you decide to try, and later to buy clothes to clients interesting touch. Do not forget about the panels, hooks and hangers. For this equipment, you can choose any version of the material, since the presentation of the goods has a low weight.

And if you choose the original design, the trade and the equipment must have non-standard solution.