How can the interior design of the cottage

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Probably each of dreams about a country house — a place where through the wall next door, where you can relax from the everyday hustle and bustle or Vice versa to make a big party any time of the day. However, just to buy a home or cottage is not enough. It is necessary to create such an interior, to all family members without exception was cozy and comfortable, but leaving its limits, really wanted to go back.

Today, there are many approaches and styles of interior, among which you can select the best option. Widely known several approaches to the design of buildings:

1. Minimalism.

Enough of the original design idea. This kind of design was borrowed in Japan. The basis of style — an original combination of light and shadow. The composition of minimalism, it is customary to use materials such as wood, stone, paper and fabric. The interior design of the cottage in a minimalist style involves the maximum use of space and light, with every thing interior should be multi-functional.

Signs of minimalism:

— hidden light sources;
— a minimum of furniture and equipment;
— translucent structures;
— a minimum of decoration;
— natural materials and pastel colors.

2. Hi — tech.

low-key and cool style, illustrating the high technology of the future. The materials of this style: concrete, plastic, glass and metal. Design of a country cottage in the style of hi — tech will not be without pipes chrome, metal surfaces and various cables and external wiring. The main feature of the style: a maximum of logic and complete lack of feelings.

3. Classic.

Classic interior has always been associated with luxury and expensive. High ceilings, columns, and spacious rooms — all this gives the style of elite. Furniture of this style are often made of expensive wood varieties — walnut, Karelian birch and cherry, as well as materials related to the number of elite — brocade, silk, velvet and satin.

This design of houses, cottages have always been popular regardless of fashion trends.

4. The Gothic style.

the Design projects of cottages of this style suggest the arrangement of the fireplaces, stained glass Windows and various arches. The colors, which developed the design project of a cottage in the Gothic style uses colors such as Burgundy, brown, red, blue and of course black. Interior materials — wood, metal and stone. The Gothic style of the middle ages is inextricably linked with the development of art, that’s why the furniture of this style is quite high.

When choosing interior design should pay attention not only for its beauty but also for convenience, because to a greater extent on convenience will depend on how much comfortable living in a house.