Employees of the architectural Studio Partner Design from 21 to 24 October 2013 participated in the training on the system of «green» certification DGNB. The event is organized by the German green building Council. During the four-day training obtained an understanding of the basic approaches used in certifying «green» buildings.

DGNB system offers a comprehensive approach to the design, construction and operation of the building. It is a comprehensive tool for the quality assessment for green buildings and provides a complete assessment from the point of view of «sustainable development». Certification under this system is not only a marketing tool, but also ensures a high end quality built. In other words, this is not a formal set of rules that allow to mark the building to show the degree of environmental friendliness. It works the methodology that was used to implement significant number of projects.

DGNB System, is based on the following principles:

— assessment of the building is the award of points for performance or other requirements for the project;

— large group of criteria is based on the European construction and design standards; the criteria developed based on the experience of implementing «green» projects;

— estimated full life-cycle, from project documentation development for technology of dismantling of the building; a special place in this assessment is the calculation of the cost of the full life cycle and impact on the environment;

— evaluation includes steps of computer simulation and also measure the actual performance of buildings;

— the system can be flexibly adapted to the national standards of the country in which the house is built;

— in the initial stages may be issued a provisional certificate that can be used as a marketing tool;