Design of the space for coworking

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Coworking establishments this is for Kiev is not news. This multi-functional space for the creative and open to new contacts professionals.

The design development where a lot of the time people are very responsible both aesthetically and physiologically. For the work area use light tones and open prostranstva. Meeting rooms are designed without unnecessary details. And rest places or try fun to arrange the furniture and design touches.

The interior design of coworking is developed based on the concept of institution and source parameters of the premises.
Another important property of the design of co — working is a combination of shared and private rooms for small and large teams. An ideal technique for the separation space would be to use translucent partitions.

How to order the design of coworking?

Design for co-working begins with personal contact with the client and discuss the vision for the future of the institution. To the meeting was most fruitful, we ask customers to first send their comments and initial conditions. After we make a contract for execution of works on time.

The principles of our company are inextricably linked with creativity.
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