Design of the project office in the style of «Loft»

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Today in the design of offices is becoming a more popular style of «loft». This style originated in Manhattan in the early 40-ies. Initially, this style organized work or living space on the basis of abandoned industrial zones, plants and factories. Over time, designers have taken note of such a creative approach in styling the space, and loft-style has become very popular in the design of restaurants, apartments and even offices.

Creating a design office not in the style of «loft», it is worth considering the main characteristics, which are the hallmark of this style. The main feature is the open and airy space. You should also combine old and new materials. For example, a combination of glass, modern machinery and brick masonry with a stone floor.

When you create a project design office, design professional correctly place accents interior according to the customer’s selected style. Engineering office in the style of «loft» should be added to the interior of the large Windows, which launch natural light, high ceilings and one space that can be zoned on any request.

Office Interior in the loft looks very impressive when ultramodern details combine with old walls. For example, the combination of bright furniture with bright walls and floors gives the room contrast and brightness.

The loft Style prefer companies whose activities are connected with creativity and creativity. Design project in the style of «loft» will make Your office not only unique and show a creative approach to business.