Design project of the kitchen to the office

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Kitchen in the office is an integral part of the project design offices. Ergonomic organized kitchen allows the employees not only eat, but also to communicate with colleagues, to relax. Creating design office, a professional designer must consider when rasplanirovke premises where more functional is to place the kitchen. It should be placed away from the entrance, meeting rooms and Director’s office.

Kitchen for the office in the business style style, so that she can better fit into the overall business interior. When planning a furniture office should pay attention to the mandatory presence of the output of the ventilation system, the connection of light and water. Requirements to finish fairly standard: the floor must be non-slip, well, washable, for example — ceramic tile. When choosing finishing materials give preference to durable, hygienic and durable materials.

Kitchen in the office should be decorated in warm wood tones also allowed white. Choose lights with diffused, soft light that needs to illuminate the entire kitchen area. From decorative objects suggest to use pictures, calendars, plants that will give coziness to the kitchen to the office. Creating a kitchen design, it is important to place the furniture and appliances more compact and ergonomic to use.

In office this is undoubtedly a winning option for a company that cares about its employees!

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