Design project of apartments — will make conventional housing unique!

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Repair of any premises is considered to be a very interesting exercise. In this event, you need to carefully prepare a design project of an apartment (Kiev). For this, it is possible on paper to Express their own thoughts, make a purchase of necessary materials and furniture and after, to realize all your ideas into reality.

However, to make a harmonious blend of different areas, successfully selecting the place to interior, possible only with the help of an experienced designer. In fact, it can also prevent unnecessary costs.

How to design apartments (Kiev)?

1. First repair work should be divided into several stages with its own characteristics.

2. Required to produce the approximate location of the required functional areas, furniture and equipment. the Design project (Kyiv) must have accurate dimensions, bindings, size and height of all the rooms.

3. Electrician. It is necessary to update the plan of electrical wiring for each room. You need to specify in the design drawings, the areas where there will be sockets, switches, lighting, etc. They should be located conveniently and effectively perform their functional tasks.

4. Lines of communication. Requires revision to existing plan of main engineering networks. This includes plumbing insights, air conditioning, ventilation and heating. So, when estimated design apartments (Kiev), its price will depend on complexity of the project.

5. Is the development of a plan for the device of ceilings and floor coverings, specifying the structure and material necessary for their formation. Knots Decorative cornices, complex shapes, and sections on the ceilings depict on paper.

6. In conclusion is a three-dimensional rendering of the future interior space, in order to see how it will look in the design of the house (Kiev) and to correct any shortcomings.

That the tenants were happy with the created atmosphere, and guests – grace surprised by new lines, for each room separately, you define a single style solution. The choice of style and color depends on the character, occupation and age of the inhabitants.

Design of the apartment, you can use their own ideas and fantasies. However, to put them into reality, requires a professional approach to this problem that can successfully fulfill a professional designer. As a result, a regular apartment will turn into a unique and original accommodation, especially created for its inhabitants.