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Usually, during the inspection of premises, you can easily determine who is involved in its construction.

Of course, the style preferences of men and women are the same. However, in the interior design is sure to be felt the man’s hand. At the heart of the creation of this man’s den, certainly is the color scheme of the room.According to statistics, men over 25 prefer consistent color scheme, while the young men are experimenting with bright colors.
In general, men prefer a monochrome or a neutral color scheme. They are to the liking of discreet, solid shades of brown, gray and white colors, which are often diluted with vivid detail — colorful furniture and unusual prints on the walls. Monochrome range chosen by men who prefer any one color — it is often green, blue, or burgundy shades.
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Men appreciate the convenience of everyone, so often insist on alterations to the apartment in the studio. This design solution is very convenient as it allows you to combine in one room kitchen features a dining room, living room and bedroom, forming a single open space.

If the man decided not to convert an apartment in the studio, he can join the loggia to the kitchen, turning it into a bar, and a second bedroom to make the Cabinet or hookah.

Technology — an object of pride for the men and takes in interior design central. Men are very fond of the latest technological innovations, and regularly spend on them large sums of money. It is difficult to imagine a living room without a male stereo, large TV, DVD, a pair of tuners, and a kitchen without such assistants as a microwave oven, food processor and a dishwasher.

Residence bachelor is hard to imagine without a functional and reliable storage of things. The fact is that men, for the most part, do not celebrate the cleaning, and therefore need to systemize things in places. Therefore, a spacious wardrobe, closed shelves and convenient storage boxes are always present in the typical male interior design.

Men prefer coarse textures — stone, wood, metal, they are not afraid to experiment, and easily disposed adjacent natural stone and bamboo wallpaper, or brickwork near the facing tiles. Do not neglect the men and the use of reflective surfaces in an effort to expand the space visually.

When choosing furniture, men rely on their taste. Some people choose classic, respectable furnishings — leather couches, dark wood products, and the other — an unusual model transformers.

Hardly any main attribute of the male house — bar. Usually it becomes the center of the living room furniture and dining room.

Another bar in the men’s interior — unusual lights that can beat any room. Men are not indifferent to the lamps of glass and chrome-plated metal, extraordinary chandeliers and flexible luminous tapes.

In general, the design of the interior of the male housing is very laconic. In it the minimum and no frills decor. Layered curtains are replaced with more practical Roman, and the decor is often a photograph in the strict framework of its demonstration or exhibition hobby collections.

Thus, the typical male interior is characterized by neutral colors, an extraordinary combination of textures, unusual illumination, multifunctional furniture, a minimum of decoration and lots of art.