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Interior Design project office Manager this is quite difficult but interesting project for experienced designers. This is an Executive office place – there are business meetings, negotiations, workshops.

the interior Design should show the status of the company and supervisor. When choosing a style, often choose classic or high-tech. According to the chosen style furniture, lighting, decoration, etc.

Creating a design project of the interior office of the head it is not necessary to consider the factor that the layout should match the status of the Director. Interior style, furniture, decor, all the details should complement the corporate style to show the level of the company.

Choosing a color for the interior, focus on natural lighting, floor space, the view outside the window. For example, if the room is well lit, the interior is to draw in soft pastel colours. If you want to visually expand a small space – use a bright warm color.

If we talk about furniture for the office of the head – the best place for custom furniture. Thus, You can be sure in quality, and the interior will eventually be designed in the same style.

Architectural Studio “design-partner” has extensive experience in creating a comfortable working space. We will develop for You a design project of the interior of the Cabinet leader who will embody the success of Your company.