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In the 80-ies of the last century originated the style of hi-Tech in the world. In Ukraine he was years after, when the construction of office space left conservatism and the range of materials has expanded considerably.

The portfolio of the Studio Partner Design has several high-tech projects of office space. To solve the tasks managed through the use of hi-tech elements, which is combined with modern finishing materials. For example, for walls used wall panels.

tech office

Basic principles of high-tech style:

— Stylish

— useful

— ergonomic

— functional.

Office interior Design implemented by the firm Partner construction Group, where the basis for the partitions selected matting glass and aluminum frames. It preserves the openness of the space and the necessary barrier.

— Style meets technology

— Work on office space

— Efficient space

In an era of technological breakthroughs and widespread adoption of mobile technology design is not inferior to its importance.
Play a role terms of speed and optimization of workflows in the office, as part of improving productivity.
To achieve these goals by using several approaches:
— introduction of the latest information technologies – communication tools, computer equipment and software;
more comfortable workplaces and space.
Thus, today the main task when creating or remodeling office becomes a modern design combined with high technology, functionality and ergonomics. A good solution would be the layout and design of the office in the style of hi-tech.

high tech office design

Style as a continuation of technology

design Style «high-tech (from high technology – “high technology”) was established in the last third of the XX century based on the design of industrial premises, where all elements of the interior are subject to a functional purpose.

We love it for the use of industrial aesthetics while maintaining functionality and innovation. This is the style of new materials, new forms and new technologies. This style combines in the interior of the office opposite tendencies:

1. «secrecy» of wires through the use of wireless technologies.

2. «protrusion» of supporting structures, ducts, as elements of functional veins of the building.

For high-tech characterized by the use of modern materials in the decoration of office space. Basically it is glass, cold metal and robust plastic, but it is permissible concrete, stone, a variety of polymers and composites, ie no strict limitations style no. Similarly, the furniture — simple shapes shapes and a variety of primary materials such as wood in combination with glass and aluminium.

Unique style develops and evolyutsioniruet every year. The trend in recent years, bio — and eco-trend. This is reflected in the flowing lines and shapes borrowed from nature.

To emphasize the style of hi-tech helps office furniture: reliable and practical.
materials and furniture in the interior high-tech

And what about the filling?

The high-tech office – as a storehouse of all kinds of new products and innovations in the field of automation and computerization of the space. Engineering and climate systems, safety systems all synchronized and allow remote monitoring and adjustment.

Office design in hi-tech style — will demonstrate a high-tech image of Your company.